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5 Stretch Mark Myths You Shouldn’t Pay Attention To

Stretch marks is one of the common skincare conditions we face.

Almost every woman gets this at some point in her life. And most women are desperate to find a way of getting rid of them, that they will believe almost everything they hear.

But sadly, not everything you hear about treating stretch marks is right.

There are some lies that some people parade as truths. Below are some myths about stretch marks that are untrue

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1. Stretch marks only appear on your stomach

This notion is false.

Stretch marks appear in high-fat storing areas of your body such as your hips, thighs, breasts and upper arms.

These areas are more prone to having stretch marks, but stretch marks can affect other parts of your body.

2. Stretch marks are solely caused by weight gain or pregnancy

It is true that weight gain and pregnancy causes stretch marks

But these are not the only factors that cause stretch marks. There are other factors like hormonal activity, stress, certain steroidal drugs, sudden growth, lack of vitamins, and so on.

So, you don’t have to be pregnant or chubby to have stretch marks.

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3. Stretch marks do not change color

This notion is also wrong.

When stretch marks initially appear on your skin, they are red, purple or pink. This is because the color of your blood vessels become visible as the dermis layer of your skin tears up.

However, when these marks mature, they change from pink to grey with silvery lining or off white.

4.Tanning removes stretch marks

Tanning does not remove stretch marks. It only covers stretch marks.

Sometimes, it could even worsen the appearance of the stretch marks on your skin especially if they have turned off-white.

The scars at this point, do not tan.

The skin surrounding the stretch marks will get tanned, but the stretch marks will not, and you will be left with more visible stretch marks.

5. Stretch marks are not affected by what you eat

Well, they are.

Dermatologists and dietitians as well suggest that you eat a balanced and nourishing diet that is rich in Vitamin A, C, and E.

You can also prevent stretch marks to a great extent if you eat foods that rich in omega-3 fatty and have antioxidant properties.

Taking this precaution with what you eat makes it harder for stretch marks to appear.

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What then should I believe about stretch marks?

Removing stretch marks is possible.

Usually, we hear that it is impossible to get rid of stretch marks completely. Good news is, it is now possible.

The best stretch mark removal creams contain ingredients that fade the appearance of stretch marks till they are gone, keep your skin moisturized and hydrated, and reduce inflammation of the skin

They also make it impossible for the disappearing stretch marks to come back.

Not all stretch mark creams can, however, do this. This is why it is vital that you buy a stretch mark cream that works.

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