Best Stretch Mark Cream for Old Stretch Mark

Stretch mark is a common skin condition that can occur on any parts of the body such as the legs, abdomen, buttocks, upper arm and thighs. Stretch marks become visible when the three surface layers of the skin overstretch which causes tears and other kinds of damage to occur.

Having old stretch marks can be quite unappealing as it has become whitened and ugly. Sometimes it appears as if old stretch marks are never leaving your skin, but the fact is although it is old, there are some essential, effective means to remove them. Our focus in this article is to analyze the practical means of getting rid of old stretch marks.

1. Exfoliate to Remove Dead Skin:

Exfoliation is an effective means of removing old stretch marks which works by removing a thin layer from the surface of the skin. A routine of exfoliation helps to ensure adequate disappearance of the scars totally. Exfoliation makes the scars become smaller and less noticeable and removes unsightly streaks and scar tissue over time.

Exfoliation technique requires a cleanser with exfoliation properties or a slightly soft abrasive such as loofahs or coarse sponges to preserve skin properly.

stretch mark cream for old stretch mark

2. Weekly Massage Therapy:

Massage is an excellent treatment to get rid of old stretch marks because it helps in a couple of surprising ways. When we massage our body, it helps to put a lot of pressure on the skin, and that breaks down the scar tissue that these unsightly marks are made up. Massage therapy alone helps to increase the blood flow in the body, and that allows more essential nutrients to be given to the skin.

Interestingly, massaging helps eradicate the old stretch marks with products such as cocoa butter, vitamin E, shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba oil, castor oil, and almond oil because of their essential benefits. These natural products aid in the formation of new cells as well as the creation of new elastin and collagen for the skin. Massage also adds firmness to the loose ends of the skin and makes it elastic once again.

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3. Lose Weight and Use Vitamin E:

Among the primary cause of stretch marks in weight gain by most people, which are also common during pregnancy. This condition can also be reversed when you tend to lose the excess weight.

More so, using liquid vitamin E can also help develop the skin's elasticity and to regenerate faster. Applying vitamin E will allow the skin to repair itself and remove stretch mark scars more rapidly.

4. Creams and Lotions:

Most of the stretch mark creams used to get rid of old stretch marks will moisturize the skin in the layers that had been affected to correct the scarred part of the skin. Some of the stretch mark creams with fast result for old stretch mark include proteins that are naturally produced by the body such as elastin and collagen and these compounds regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. Other creams act as exfoliating agents to help remove scar tissue.

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The best way to get rid of old stretch marks is to use one of the best stretch mark cream for old stretch mark. To erase those ugly old stretch marks, follow the link below for detailed information.