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7 Natural Remedies to Erase Stretch Marks


stretch mark is a series of irregular stripes that appears on the skin. It gives the skin an ugly look because of the wrinkled scars it places on the skin. Pregnancy, obesity, puberty, rapid growth, etc. are some of the causes for most people (especially women) experience this a lot.

You can't flaunt your skin with stretch mark on it; rather you would be disappointed to even look at it yourself. There are various natural remedies you can use in erasing stretch marks from your skin. This article will provide seven major remedies for you, apply one of them and expect positive changes.

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Remedies to erase stretch marks

Use Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a robust natural plant that does a lot of wonders on the external part of the body (the skin) and even internal.

Remove and blend the Aloe Vera gel, then rub it on the affected part with stretchmark for 3 minutes, leave to dry. Do this day and night.

Apply coconut oil: it is an oil extracted from coconut through heating. It is a multipurpose remedy for almost all kinds of skin problems, and stretch marks included. Coconut oil has some properties that are responsible for erasing unpleasant things from the skin.

Apply it all over your body like a body lotion. Naturally, coconut oil has proven itself to be immensely useful stretch mark cream.

Use natural white sugar: natural white sugar is another great way to erase stretch mark because it can exfoliate the skin. It removes dead skin cells and nourishes the new skin.

Dissolve two tablespoons of natural white sugar in a little almond oil, rub it on the affected part of your skin, then have a warm bath to wash it off after 7 minutes.

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Apply lemon: lemon is an acidic citrus fruit; it is a natural way to cleanse the skin and erase all kinds of common skin maladies like eczema, pimples and stretch mark.

Extract the lemon juice, and apply on the affected part of your skin. Leave to dry for about 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water.

Eggs whites: if you don’t want to go with lemon, egg whites is a mild way to erase stretch mark away from your skin.

Separate egg white away from the yoke, use a fork to whip the egg whites a little bit, wear it on the affected part with stretchmark, and then rinse it off with cold water once it gets dried. Do this three times in a day for a speedy result.

Massage with olive oil: using olive oil is a fantastic way to treat your skin right. It is rich in fats and vitamin E, which makes the healing process in your skin cells fast.

Warm some olive oil in a pan, transfer it into a bowl, take some and massage the affected part of your skin for about 7 minutes. Repeat this exercise daily for a good result.

Apply raw potato: potato juice has some properties that brighten the skin and wipes away stretch marks.

Gently rub sliced pieces of potato on the affected part of your skin, leave it for about 15 minutes to dry, then wash it off with warm water later.

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