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How to manage stretch marks after weight loss 


stretch mark  are uneven and indented marks on your skin that have the appearance of lines and stripes. Stretch marks could come about by a sudden weight gain. One of the events that bring about stretch marks is pregnancy. When a lady is pregnant, the skin stretches as the belly grows to accommodate the growing baby.

Apart from pregnancy, stretch marks appear when one lose or gain weight fast. Some factors that lead to stretch marks. These factors include diet, weight loss/gain, hormonal changes, skin type and hereditary.

People who go through one diet program or another may have mixed results. On the one hand, they are happy they reached their weight goal but accompanied by a new development – stretch marks on their skin.

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There are some reports that stretch marks do fade or become less obvious after a while for some people but for others it is not the case.

Stretch marks can be one major unwanted downside of losing weight. But these marks are not a threat to your health and there are a lot of advantages that come with losing weight especially if one is obese or overweight.

If picking up stretch marks after losing weight bothers you, then you can discuss with your medical therapist, and you can opt in for a gradual weight loss program. You can also learn the methods of managing stretch marks as you lose weight.

Here are some ways to get rid of stretch marks after weight loss

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Invasive Treatment

There are many ways to treat stretch marks, but you can get professional help from a dermatologist that can administer one of these approaches – chemical peels, Microdermabrasion or laser surgery. None of these methods obliterate the stretch marks, but they will make it less noticeable.

You should be aware that the results from any of these procedures mentioned above can vary significantly from one person to the next. There are no guarantees as other factors like skin type and age influence the final outcome.

Before settling for any treatment, ensure you thoroughly understand the pros and cons so that you can weigh the risk involved in each of these procedures.

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Topical treatment

If the dangers and cost of invasive procedures like surgery are not for you, then you can choose a stretch mark removal cream. There are many stretch mark creams in the market; the question is how you find that stretch mark cream that works.

An excellent place to start is to learn about the ingredients that the best ones contain. The active agents to watch out for are Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, Marrubium vulgare,  Panthenol and Rosemary Essential Oil. We would like to recommend StretcHeal. It contains the above ingredients and more. It is one product that works fast in getting rid of stretch marks on the skin.


Losing weight rapidly can bring another unwanted visitor on your skin – stretch marks. But there are different options available to treat them. One method we recommend is using a topical treatment. By getting a top stretch mark removal cream, you can eradicate those annoying stretch marks on your skin for good.

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