2 Natural Ways for Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks are rarely inevitable after pregnancy mostly due to the sudden weight gain.

Most of the time, we spend so much on stretch mark removal products to get rid of stretch marks. Even when we are not sure, we buy them because we are so desperate to get our skin to the way it was.

Before you step out shopping for a stretch mark removal product, you need to know that there are natural ways you can make your skin looking great again.

And the best part is, you can get the ingredients for this right in your kitchen. 

Below are some natural ways to make your stretch marks disappear.

1. Apply Tea Tree Oil to The Affected Area

Tea tree oil is an extract from different tea tree plants such as the Australian tea tree and the New Zealand tea tree.

This oil has been used for decades by the Australian aboriginals to treat different kinds of skin ailments.

Little wonder why this is one of the conventional oils used in preparing skin damaged by stretch marks and how they knew they would get of stretch marks with applying that.

stretch mark removal

How to use tea tree oil for removal stretch marks:

Apply a little amount of the tea tree oil on the affected area. Then, gently massage the oil into your skin in circular motions until it absorbs into your skin.

You do not have to wash off.

Do this daily after taking your bath.

2. Apply Olive oil to the affected area

Olive oil is one of the most prominent oils used for skincare. This skin nourishing agent is rich in Vitamins and healthy fats which can be used as a stretch mark removal cream to help to speed up the healing process of damaged skin cells.

It contains rejuvenating properties. The best part is, you can quickly grab it from your kitchen.

how to get rid of stretch marks

How to use Olive oil to get rid of stretch marks?

Pour about 5 ounces of oil in a saucepan. Warm it up under low heat for a few minutes. Then, transfer the heated olive oil into a bowl. Let it cool.

Apply the oil to the affected area and gently massage it into your skin in small, circular motions till it is fully absorbed into your skin.

Do this daily to get rid of stretch marks on your body skin.

Though these natural methods work,

You still need to alternate the use of natural remedies with a stretch mark removal cream:

Stretch mark removal creams are very much needed because they contain active ingredients to get rid of the stretch mark, fast.

So, while you go through the natural route, also use a stretch mark removal cream.

A stretch mark removal cream contains active ingredients that do not only fade the marks but clear them up completely- that is if you use an original brand.

The best stretch mark creams hydrate your skin and provide nourishment that triggers the rejuvenation process.

It allows damaged skin cells and tissues to shed off, while new and healthy ones replace them. During this process, your skin goes back to being blemish free.

stretch mark removal cream

Notice that the important part of stretch mark removal is using safe stretch mark cream. If your stretch mark cream is not removing the marks, then you are using a wrong cream.

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