5 Best Stretch Marks Treatments

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to prevent it, stretch marks have a way of taking their place on our skin.

For most women, the ultimate cause is pregnancy. Thanks to the rapid weight gain that comes along with being pregnant.

But whether sudden growth spurts, rapid weight gain or hormonal changes within your body cause your stretch marks; it is very much possible for you to find the best stretch mark removal methods. The more frequent question that people ask is how to get rid of stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Treatment

You do not have to subject yourself to a lifetime of staring at those ugly marks on your skin.

In this article, we will be exploring the best stretch marks treatments.

1. Self-acceptance

Self-acceptance is the first and probably the most critical step for stretch marks treatment.

Some women lose their self-confidence and develop low self-esteem because of stretch marks. And it shouldn’t be so.

One of the main things that will keep you going throughout the healing period is self-acceptance.

Accept that you have it and work towards treating it. Put in mind that after treatment, your skin will be back to being beautiful.

2. Stretch mark removal creams

If you want to know how to get rid of stretch marks in the fastest and cheapest way, we will recommend you stretch mark removal creams.

A stretch mark cream stimulates the regeneration of your skin, repairs damaged skin tissue, encourages the growth of new and healthy skin cells and promotes the production of collagen.

With all these in place, the marks will fade away until they disappear entirely. And the best part is, they will not come back again.

All you need to do is rub it on the affected area every day and watch it do its magic on your skin.

Stretch mark removal creams

3. Retinoids

Retinoids are useful for stretch marks treatment.

But it is advisable that you do not use retinoids during pregnancy or while you are still breastfeeding.

Apart from that, creams containing retinoid should be one of the options to consider for treating stretch marks.

They help diminish the appearance of the stretch marks and boost the production of collagen in your skin.

All you need to do is massage the cream every night.

 Retinoids for stretch marks treatment

4. Laser treatment

Laser stretch mark removal is a medical procedure for stretch marks treatment.

It is quite expensive though.  This reduces the size of dilated blood vessels and increases collagen production.

It takes several sessions with your dermatologist before you see your desired results. One course is not enough.

You should also stay away from this treatment if you are pregnant.

Laser stretch mark removal

5. Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is also is a medical procedure that usually carried out by a dermatologist.

It may not be as effective as laser treatment because it doesn’t get to the inner layer of your skin which is where your stretch marks form.

It helps to smoothen the appearance of stretch marks on your skin, but it might not give you quick and definite results like other treatment we have mentioned.

 dermabrasion for stretch marks removal

Generally, if you want to learn how to get rid of stretch marks, we should say all these stretch marks treatments are excellent.

But if you are looking for a treatment that won’t burn your pocket and will still leave your skin looking great, your answer is stretch mark removal creams.

Every woman with stretch marks needs a stretch mark cream in her skincare kit for stretch marks treatment. Moreover, home remedies for stretch marks such as oil for stretch marks and cocoa butter for stretch marks, have shown amazing results in stretch mark removal.

If you do not have a stretch mark cream yet, click on the link below to get a stretch mark cream that works.