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Top Natural Remedies for Stretch Marks


Besides being unattractive, stretch mark pose no health risk. They are scars that develop from the tearing of the skin. But most people with stretch marks wish they will go away.

While some believe that there is no treatment for stretch marks there are specific measures or procedures when putting in place will help prevent stretch marks or remove them from the skin.

In this article, we will discuss measures to help you turn your wish for a stretch mark free skin into reality

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Top Natural Remedy for Stretch Marks

We will be discussing natural remedies for getting rid of stretch marks. But first, it is essential you learn some of the factors causing stretch marks.

Stretch marks are as a result of the inability of your skin to extend at the rate your body grows; such instances like pregnancy, puberty, bodybuilding, weight gain are some of the events leading to stretch marks. When your body experiences exponential growth, there is a likelihood of getting stretch marks.

Now that you know the cause of stretch marks on your skin, you should take precaution like using a stretch mark prevention cream during pregnancy to stop them from occurring.

But if you already have stretch marks on your skin, here is what you can do to fade off those stretch marks:

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Apply Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a simple measure you can apply to fade off stretch marks from your skin. It is a retinoid and can help your skin appear smoother, youthful, and also reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Also, Vitamin A has anti-aging properties, defends the skin from free radicals that may damage healthy skin cells, and it’s derivative, tretinoin is one of the vital components in a stretch mark cream. You can help fortify your skin from stretch marks degradation using vitamin A from three avenues.

  • Taking an oral dose of vitamin A supplement;
  • Deliberately consuming a healthy diet containing foods rich in vitamin A including carrots, sweet potatoes, eggs, etc.;
  • And applying Vitamin A oil topically on the affected area.

However, vitamin A should not be applied topically during pregnancy; instead, you should go for a stretch mark cream for pregnancy.

Apply Sugar

Sugar can help fade off stretch marks since it can work as a homeopathic microdermabrasion agent by simulating Microdermabrasion carried out by a dermatologist to clinically fade-off stretch marks. Sugar scrubs on the affected area provides exfoliation

To apply sugar as your stretch mark removal cream, you have to mix it with other agents like almond oil or coconut oil, and lemon juice, and then blend it to the consistency of wet beach sand.

Massage the mixture on the affected part of your body and leave it for 10 minutes before washing it off in the shower. Repeat the procedure several times weekly until you get the desired result.

Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a proven skin softener and natural healing agent with lots of useful nutrients including auxins and gibberellins that help in injury healing and have anti-inflammatory action. Aloe vera contains enzymes, vitamins, fatty acids, sugars, and minerals that can benefit your skin. You should rub the gel directly on the stretch marks daily after a bath until you achieve what you desire.

Apply Shea Butter

Shea butter is a natural remedy. Women mainly apply it to help make the skin supple as well as enhance its elasticity by enabling the skin stretch as the tummy expands. It has proven helpful to some women, but some others still end up with some stretch marks during pregnancy.

Why is Shea Butter Helpful?

It contains oleic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid, and Vitamin A, etc. It penetrates the skin quickly and makes it supple accommodate the increase in weight and stretching that occurs throughout pregnancy.

You should apply it as your moisturizer on the areas like the breasts, butts, tummy, and other affected areas. However, it takes a long time to fade out stretch marks but works wonders as a preventive measure.

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Managing stretch marks using natural remedies works best as a preventive therapy or at the initial stage. If your stretch marks are old, you might have to apply them for a long time, and the outcome is not guaranteed.

We recommend that you apply a clinically proven top stretch mark cream for old stretch marks.

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