The Best Stretch Mark Cream for Third Trimester

The Different Kinds of Stretch Marks That Can Appear on Your Skin

Yes! It is as you are wondering. There are different kinds of stretch mark .

The kind of stretch marks that appear on your skin depends on the cause of the stretch marks, and the scars that develop over time.

Stretch marks do not pose a threat to your body as they develop, but no one likes the sight of stretch marks on their skin no matter the type of stretch marks you have.

The first thing you need to know is that the general term for stretch marks is striae.

They are usually pink or purple when they initially appear, but over time, they change color and become silver and less noticeable than the red stretch mark cream

They usually appear on your thighs, buttocks, arms, and stomach.

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Different kinds of stretch marks

1.Striae atrophica

This kind of stretch mark is caused by sudden weight gain or weight loss. It can also occur when you undergo corticosteroid treatment.

Your skin is made to be flexible. Thanks to the protein; elastin.

Stretch marks like this occur when your skin stretches so much that it is unable to bounce back to its original position.

It causes tears in your skin which appear as stretch marks.

2.Striae distensae

These kinds of stretch marks form during puberty when your body experiences frequent weight fluctuations and rapid growth spurts

These changes cause straight lines to form in common parts of your body like your buttocks, abdomen, thighs or back.

Striae distance is also very common among pregnant women.

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3.Striae gravidarum

These kinds of stretch marks are peculiar to pregnant women.

What makes this different is that it is solely caused by pregnancy. These marks appear on parts of your body like the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and sometimes, the breasts.

More than 80 percent of pregnant women have striae gravidarum. It usually occurs when a woman is in her third trimester.

The hormones released at this stage affect the stability of the woman’s skin which makes it more likely to tear.


These are stretch marks that are categorized based on the pattern in which they appear.

They are called vegetures because they are long lines that look like a whiplash. They are usually caused by pregnancy or puberty.

Men also have vegetures, but they appear on their backs.

5.Other kinds of stretch marks

These stretch marks do not have a specific name attached to them. They are just called straie.

They don’t fall into any class or have any distinct pattern. These stretch marks are caused by various factors ranging from steroid therapy to Cushing’s syndrome.

More important than the types of stretch marks is the question;

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How can ease stretch marks from my skin?

The answer is simple, use a stretch mark removal cream.

You probably had used a stretch mark cream before that didn’t work. Well, that’s because you are using one that doesn’t

There are new stretch mark creams that include active ingredients which increase your skin elasticity, promote the production of collagen, repair damaged tissue and blends your skin tone.

The best stretch mark creams erase the marks from your skin and ensure that they do not appear again.

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