Stretch Mark & Scar Treatment Lotion
Stretch Mark & Scar Treatment Lotion
Stretch Mark & Scar Treatment Lotion

Stretch Mark & Scar Treatment Lotion

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    Introducing StretcHeal, the ultimate solution for addressing stretch marks and scars. Our specially formulated cream is designed to help effectively reduce the visibility of red, white, and purplish marks, providing a comprehensive defense against unsightly blemishes. Experience the power of StretcHeal for a smoother, more even-toned skin appearance.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews

    Product is working well.

    Georgia J
    Game changer for stretch marks

    There is a noticeable change in the color and texture of my postpartum stretch marks after two weeks of using this product. I purchased another 3 tubes to continue use.

    becky zee
    Sensitive Skin/ Weight Loss

    I am my fathers caregiver. He is 70 years old and is diabetic. He use to weigh over 300 pounds. He was prescribed the life changing drug Ozempic to help manage his weight and it started working. Unfortunately with any weight loss comes some not so fun side affects. Stretch marks on his inner thighs were a big one that were hindering his movement. They would become very angry, red and inflamed. After some research I came across stretch heal and decided to try it out. It has worker so well. My dad already has thin sensitive skin, so I loved that it was scent and dye free. It did a great job softening the stretch marks and providing some elasticity back into the skin as he continues his weight loss journey. His ability to move pain free has increased. Thank you!!


    Bought this for my first pregnancy and had no stretch marks. Bought it again for my second pregnancy and got minimal stretch marks but they are hardly noticeable.

    great customer service

    Had a great experience with the team troubleshooting delivery issues, even though issues were not their fault. I just started using product, so too soon to tell, but do enjoy the texture and smell.

    Cynthia Strickland
    Best choice ever

    I have already 7 months and I’ve been using this cream all the way since 5 months almost…I really notice a difference.. 1. I do not have marks just yet 2. I feel that it really help moisturize and stretch my belly during pregnancy. This is my second round that I order because it really feels amazing when you put it on 3. I feel like it reduce the itching feeling I had. I feel so happy that I got to find them, thank you!

    Lisa Niemynski

    Fantastic scar cream. I’m so happy to have found a product that performs as promised.

    Orion Macie
    This cream really does work!!

    I honestly wish I was applying this more consistently than what I am you’re supposed to apply twice a day but I’m lucky if I find time to apply once lol. I’m a new mom with a now 4 month old so this season is definitely chaotic. However, with the times I’ve been able to remember to apply I can say I do absolutely see a difference! My scars are not as red and angry and some of the smaller ones have nearly disappeared!

    Great product

    So I have been using it for at least 6 weeks now. So I bought the 5pack bundle. Now most of my stretch marks were light like white colored. I had very little purple marks. But the purple marks have now gone and disappeared. The white marks are fading but it will take sometime. The purple marks started fading and disappearing within 2 weeks of using the cream. The white marks started to show fading a little bit once I hit 4 weeks into using the cream. I am convince this cream will get rid of the stretch marks it just takes time. You really have to use it twice a day to see results. You also need to be patient and give it time. I know us ladies are working out and staying fit but you are going to have to give this cream time to see results. Everybody body is different. I know mines will probably take 6-1 year if I keep using the cream twice a day but it’s definitely worth it. Consistency is key and so is having patience.

    It works!

    Third pregnancy here, I used stretch heal to lighten my stretch marks from my second pregnancy. It did wonders and I used it from the start with this third pregnancy. I’m 34 weeks and no new stretch marks and my old ones have continued to lighten. You have to be diligent! Every day, twice a day!

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