Can Cocoa Butter Helps Removing Stretch Marks?

Can Cocoa Butter Helps Removing Stretch Marks?

What is Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa butter is also known as theobroma oil; it is an edible vegetable fat that comes from cocoa beans. It is a natural butter that is easy to find and easily melts when applied on the skin.

Cocoa butter has a pleasant smell, and many skincare products contain cocoa butter such as some popular stretch mark cream. Stretcheal Reviews

Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks

Cocoa butter is a natural butter that contains healing, softening and moisturizing properties that help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. this butter works on both the new and old stretch matter no matter the cause of the stretch marks

Cocoa butter helps moisturize and nourish the skin while making the skin soft and supple. Applying cocoa butter on the areas prone to getting stretch marks during pregnancy can help prevent the occurrence, and it can also help reduce the sharpness of these streaks on the skin as you age.

Cocoa butter contains antioxidant property that helps protect the skin from free radicals that can damage the skin and connective tissues; it also works on stretch marks gotten from weight changes and puberty.

This butter is more effective for preventing stretch marks; this is when a pregnant woman start applying it on the body parts vulnerable to stretch marks, it can help prevent the formation of these streaks.

However, if you already have these scars on your skin, applying cocoa butter on the streaks will be less effective, but the butter can help soften and reduce their sharpness on the skin.

It is important to know that applying cocoa butter on your stretch marks will not give an immediate cure to them; it might take a couple of months before you start noticing visible results. So, if you’re looking for a safe and faster treatment for pregnancy stretch marks, then you should get a stretch mark cream for pregnancy.

Can Cocoa Butter help reduce Stretch marks and Scars?

The butter provides a homemade streak and scar removal alternative that is given top consideration. Still, the pertinent question persists; how effective is it? Succinct to say, it can be beneficial. Cocoa butter has been the chief ingredient used by women to remove stretch marks for generations.

The prolonged use of this effective butter has increased curiosity on whether it can be used to get rid scars caused by stretch marks. The significant similarity between stretch marks scars and stretch marks is that they both damage the skin. The butter gets rid of stretch marks and discoloration caused by stretch marks scarring.

Walking around with the scars forming a pattern all over your body can turn out to be terrifying. Though it can be very costly, surgery is one stretch marks and scar treatment option that can be considered. There are also some homemade remedies that can aid in their removal with ease.


This butter contains a high concentration of vitamin E which is beneficial for the skin. Some foods that are rich in vitamin E are nuts, sunflower, and spinach. Our bodies can process Vitamin E from such foods which are distributed to our skin.

In parts of the skin that have scars, the body cannot process Vitamin E effectively. These skin areas are in more dire need of this nutrient for the healing process. Because the organization cannot evenly distribute the nutrient to the scar area, you need to dab some butter on the affected area. Also to ensure that these skin areas receive the vital vitamin E required for the healing process.

Is cocoa butter good for stretch marks?

People still have lingering questions on exactly what results to expect with this refreshing butter. Information from friends and online sources may not usually be satisfactory. Please note that the butter is not a miracle potion that will heal all your scars overnight.

When the butter is used as a remedy, it is essential to ensure that your scars are fresh or less than a week old. Just a couple of days before the scars toughen or the hard skin emerges, cocoa butter can then be applied. If your skin type is allergic to cocoa-based butter, your scars may worsen.

Many people recommend this because of the essential benefit of cocoa butter, for skin moistening and smoothening, but what we don’t realize is that cocoa butter cannot prevent stretch marks or get rid of the stretch mark with such a degree.

Cocoa butter is only able to reduce the appearance of little scars on the body but never at the degree of thick, reddish and dark stretch marks that appear on a pregnant woman.

Is there any way to remove stretch marks?

Another alternative is to use an anti stretch mark removal cream. These creams are the most effective and most recommended for use to remove stretch marks as well as erase the scars left behind by stretch marks. Stretch marks creams or lotion contains essential active ingredients that are used to treat stretch marks effectively.

Although, cocoa butter is quite active but cannot be compared to a specialized dedicated cream for stretch mark removal and treatment.

If you consult your dermatologist, the answer you will likely get is to use anti-stretch mark creams. Fortunately, this method guarantees complete removal of your stretch marks and restores your skin to its original glory. Some of these stretch mark creams are also made to prevent stretch marks by using a dedicated stretch mark cream for pregnant women. These cream contain elastin and collagen properties that penetrate deep within the skin to repair the damaged dermis and restore the skin elasticity. Thus, you can become among the few women who use the best stretch mark and scars defense cream with a click here.


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