3 Myths About Stretch Marks

3 Myths About Stretch Marks

About Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks are those lines that form on different parts of the body, such as the buttocks, abdomen, hips, upper arms, and thighs. These lines are caused as a result of different things, which ranges from puberty, pregnancy, and a rapid increase in weight.

Having stretch marks is something that can put a dent on the bearer’s self-esteem, and confidence, due to the unpalatable appearance of these lines on their bodies.

Stretch marks come in two different ways; there are colorful stretch marks that are either reddish, purplish, or pinkish. Also, there is the other type, which is pale whitish or silverish. Although there are so many facts surrounding the concept of stretch marks, there are also some false myths that are being spread about the marks, which this article is aimed at debunking.

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Stretch marks are abnormal

This myth stems from the fact some folks have it, and other folks don’t have it. Not to mention the appearance of the marks themselves. These reasons are why so many folks see people who have stretch marks as abnormal.

But that is a lie. Stretch marks are as normal as any skin condition you can think of. Stretch marks are as normal as pimples, acne, and eczema. There is nothing abnormal and uncommon about stretch marks. Stretcheal Reviews

It only affects women

Thinking women are the only bearers of stretch marks is a wrong assumption. It is true that stretch marks are one of the effects of the growing bumps in pregnant women, but that doesn’t mean that men don’t have stretch marks too.

 The fact is that stretch marks are caused by the quick stretching of the body, which can be caused by a lot of things such as being overweight, engaging in weight carrying or muscular exercises, and puberty, which is common to the menfolk also.

So, contrary to myths that women are the only bearers of stretch marks, men who are rapidly growing in the body through any means, are susceptible to having stretch marks form on their bodies.

That stretch marks can’t be cured

This is one of the most prevalent myths that surround stretch marks. It is believed that there is no cure for stretch marks yet, but it can be prevented. There are also people who say that stretch marks can’t be eradicated, but it can be faded a bit.

Both sets of beliefs are untrue, as there are skin care products that can both prevent and rid the body of stretch marks.

There are lots of stretch marks removal creams that are helping folks rid their skins of stretch marks and other scars. Talking about top stretch marks creams and top scars defense creams such as StretcHeal.

StretcHeal is the best stretch mark prevention cream, and the best stretch marks and scars removal cream you can find in the beauty market. This cream has been manufactured to suit every skin type, and it can work for both men and women, pregnant and non-pregnant.For more information click here.

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