4 Ways to Prevent Stretch Marks

4 Ways to Prevent Stretch Marks

It’s probably stale news that most of us, especially women, become susceptible to having stretch marks at some point in our lives. The inevitability of this cosmetic defect can’t be overemphasized as almost 90% of women suffer from it. However, this skin defect isn’t a death sentence, but women are always threatened by defects that stand in the way of their good looks.

Before we delve into why you probably need to opt for a preventive measure, let’s familiarize ourselves with what stretch marks are. Stretch marks are those lines that develop on our skin when our skin’s elasticity can’t keep up with our body’s growth. This is due to numerous factors ranging from weight gain, pregnancy, bodybuilding, puberty and similar sorts.

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Why you should take PREVENT STRETCH MARKS

Now we know what stretch marks are, let’s discuss why you need to take preventive measures. As earlier discussed, a great percentage of women suffer from this skin defect so we can appropriately say that every woman is susceptible to this skin defect. Why? Well, since all females are still subjugated to experiencing puberty and getting pregnant then having stretch marks is a huge possibility.
This skin defect is almost inevitable, and as such, we need to opt for one preventive form of treatment or another. There are numerous treatment types regarding stretch marks, but we will be looking at a few self-administered forms of treatment. Yeah, prevention should start from the confines of your home so we would be looking at some homemade prevention tips.

Your Diet

What you eat constitutes a significant part of how you look and how you stay healthy. Some foods would naturally get you fat quickly, and as such, you should avoid them. Most fries are of that nature; you should also be careful as you wouldn’t want to raise your cholesterol level and endanger your heart.
Every tissue (also your elastic fibers) in your body needs blood and oxygen to function properly and a high level of cholesterol hampers that. You should optimize your veggie intake as you would be doing your elastic fibers a great deal of good.

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Keeping fit

While maintaining a healthy diet is a step in the right direction, you would also want to add ‘keeping fit’ to your list of healthy living. Going for morning jogs ensures that your muscles stay active and this also optimizes the functionality of your internal organs. As a tip, you should consider drinking two glasses of water before and after your morning jogs as water aids metabolism.

Using an anti-stretch mark product

You would also need to supplement your endeavors with an anti-stretch mark product. You can get Stretch mark removal creams from cosmetic stores in your neighborhood, but you should do so in the light of a dermatologist's prescription.
Some stretch mark creams may also contain ingredients that you may adversely react to so you should be on the lookout for such ingredients.

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Use Stretcheal

Stretcheal is the best stretch mark cream with skin-friendly moisturizers that boost your skin’s collagen and elasticity. Opting for Stretcheal is the best preventive measure you can take against stretch marks. Reading Strecheal reviews on the internet will also help you make a decision.

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