Removing stretch marks caused by bodybuilding (permanently)

Removing stretch marks caused by bodybuilding (permanently)

Bodybuilding stretch marks are typically formed because of rapid muscles development which are stretch marks from lifting, destroying the skin over them by overstretching. They are symptoms of an efficient and hard work out; however, in case you are reading this, you certainly want to remove them.

Stretch marks are a common secondary effect of growing fast. They can be gotten from adding up pounds of muscle (which is a happy situation), or just merely adding up pounds of fat. see more in Stretcheal Reviews

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But, in case you are rapidly adding more fats and muscles then you have more problems than just bodybuilding stretch marks, and this is also something that may not be fixed even with the use of the best stretch mark cream.

Stretch Marks on the Chest from Bodybuilding

Many men want to focus on their chest and biceps, making them think that getting these as big as possible is all that matters for their appearance. But putting all efforts into these areas induce more strain on the skin just above the armpit. Having an all-around approach is really ideal for stretch mark prevention. There are a lot of ways to treat stretch marks, one such method is using stretch mark removal products.

We are most likely talking about the resulting stretch marks underneath your arms, specifically the pec-delt tie in the area where the main shoulder and chest muscles unite. This is one of the most vulnerable areas to bodybuilding stretch marks, because of the quick muscle development.

Causes of Bodybuilding Stretch Marks

When a person is involved in rigorous exercises to grow muscles, the body grows to a point where the skin overstretches more than its capacity which leads to the formation of stretch marks.

Intense workout resulting in the skin tearing makes body parts such as the abdomen, thighs, legs, and upper arm prone to getting stretch marks.

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 What Exactly are Stretch Marks?

They are the reddish streaks and marks that develop whenever the core tissue overgrows that your skin eventually breaks along the muscle growth site. You are surely thinking, "That cannot happen to me." however, try 4-Andro or Creatine. You will grow very fast with your bodybuilding that you will excess stretch marks.

Prevent Stretch Marks Caused by Bodybuilding

If you’re a bodybuilder, you’re actually growing your muscles as much as possible. But with all that growth comes those pesky stretch marks. There are some very convenient, easy and effective methods you can do to avoid stretch marks appearing on your body as you grow, some are: making use of creams and lotions, keeping your diet on-point, and avoiding performance-enhancing drugs.

How do you get rid of these bodybuilding stretch marks? Prevention is the best medicine, but the simple fact is this: whether you have flawless skin or not if you are a dedicated hard-training bodybuilder you will develop some bodybuilding stretch marks.

Therefore, the goal of these lines is not about avoiding them, but on minimizing and treating them with bodybuilding stretch marks removal products.

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So, how can you fix them? Try the following tips:

  • Consume a well-balanced diet and use a multi-vitamin and mineral to have healthy skin.
  • Avoid heavy bulking during the off-season, because stretch marks are linked with growing too fast.
  • Rub stretch mark creams and lotions that are high in vitamin E and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-5 or a natural balm for stretch marks into the affected areas. This will help speed up the curing process.
  • Many bodybuilders report success with several popular suntan products. Coconut oil is also a favorite.
  • Avoiding sudden weight changes might be the most difficult thing to do considering the strict workout routines bodybuilders and weight lifters follow, however, when your body grows gradually and not suddenly, it gives your body the time to adjust to the changes.

  • A dark tan will help in making them disappear. Unless the marks are viewed at an ultra-close distance, they will be imperceptible, and you will be tanner.
  • One extra thing: always ensure to wear clean and neat workout clothes. Apart from not smelling very nice, you will also be vulnerable and prone to infections through the marks in your skin.

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Treatments for Bodybuilding Stretch Marks

Topical Treatment

Topical treatments involve the use of stretch mark removal cream, lotions, and gels on your stretch marks. This cream helps to moisturize and nourish the skin, fade the old stretch marks and prevent the formation of new ones.

You can get a stretch mark cream that works fast and effectively, and that also contains natural ingredients.

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Bodybuilding Stretch Marks on the Biceps

The stretch marks on biceps might be caused by: rapid growth during puberty, quick muscle growth from athletic training and bodybuilding, fast weight gain or obesity. If your aim is to make those bodybuilding stretch marks on biceps to disappear, there are different types of treatment options that have proven to be useful. However, you should know that no treatments are guaranteed to fully eliminate stretch marks on biceps. Options include: Laser therapy, Platelet-rich plasma, Microdermabrasion, and Microneedling.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure that involves the use of laser light to get rid of the top layer of the skin tissues while penetrating the middle layer of the skin to trigger the growth of new skin tissue.

The laser light depends on how deep the scar is and this procedure might require 10 to 15 sessions before you see visible results.

It is advisable to continue the preventive measures for stretch marks as it can help in treating your stretch marks, it is also important to begin treatment immediately you notice these streaks on your skin.

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Bodybuilding stretch marks can now be easily and safely removed, all thanks to the natural skin care stretch mark removal cream known as StretcHeal. This top bodybuilding stretch mark cream contains some of the best stretch mark healing ingredients such as Squalane, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-5, Panthenol, Glycerin and Pantolactone, that works in stimulating the production of collagen proteins that help in keeping the skin supple.

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