Methods of Preventing And removing Stretch Marks For Leg

Methods of Preventing And removing Stretch Marks For Leg

4 Ways to Prevent Stretch Marks

Striae, commonly known as stretch marks, are those streaks you see on your skin ( there are different types of stretch marks) and could be red, purple or pink. You find them on different parts of your body such as the buttocks, hips, stomach, thighs, arms, legs, etc.

Pregnant women and young people undergoing puberty are usually prone to stretch marks. However, any other person can also develop it. While some people have resistance to having stretch marks, others aren't. Also, if there are older members of the family that have stretch marks, then one is likely to have them.

Whatever the case is, there are different ways to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on your skin; we will take a look at some of them.


1. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Your skin would stay hydrated and soft if you drink plenty of water. Dry skin develops more stretch marks than soft skin. According to the Institute of Medicine, the required amount of water intake should be 104 ounces for men, while women need 72 ounces.

Consumption of caffeinated drinks such as coffee could increase the risk of you developing stretch marks because it dehydrates your skin. Therefore, if you take coffee, you should take a lot of water or any other drink that is free of caffeine to prevent dryness of your skin. Stretcheal Reviews

2. Watch Your Weight

Whether you are pregnant or not, you need to ensure you have a healthy weight, to avoid the risk of stretch marks. Usually, when you increase in weight rapidly, your skin stretches and begins to break apart, causing stretch marks to appear. Also, a rapid weight loss could also lead to the appearance of stretch marks.

Eating healthy and exercising are good ways of managing your weight to prevent stretch marks. However, if you undergo rapid weight gain or loss, then you might need to see a doctor.

3. Eat a Healthy Diet

If your diet lacks certain nutrients, then you are likely to have stretch marks on your skin. So, it is essential that you eat foods that boost the health of your skin regularly. Your diet needs to contain the following: vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, protein and zinc.

Consuming unprocessed foods that have various colors is a way to ensure that you have enough nutrients in your diet.

4. Teat Stretch Marks when You Notice them

If you are unable to prevent stretch marks on your skin, you can treat them when you begin to see them. You can book an appointment with your doctor if you already have stretch marks or you’ve tried to prevent the appearance. Your doctor should be able to tell the cause of your stretch marks and possibly suggest what type of treatment you need.

However, if your stretch marks aren't as a result of medical conditions, then you could comfortably get rid of them by using a top stretch mark removal cream.

A stretch mark cream that works contains should be able to fade off your stretch marks and improve skin moisturization. Also, using a stretch mark removal cream nourishes your skin, making it soft which would reduce the development of stretch marks on the skin.

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Among various areas on our body, stretch mark on the leg is the most noticeable scar. Although, varied people develop stretch marks on other areas on the body such as buttocks, abdomen, and upper torso.

However, despite the prevalence of this skin condition in our society today, there are many ways to prevent, reduce or remove these streaks from your legs which are sufficient in achieving a suitable result.

Ways to get rid of stretch marks from your leg

1. Put your attention on weight loss:

It is common for some of us to gain weight when we become pregnant, and we often become susceptible to stretch marks. It‘s also easy to remove the stomach and buttocks streaks after pregnancy, but the fact remains that to get rid of stretch marks on the legs will require losing extra pounds of weight gained during pregnancy  

Engaging in regular non-excessive exercise and maintaining a nutritious low-calorie diet can help accomplish weight loss. More so, this solution can also work for women who have gained weight through obesity.

2. Skin Firming Diets:

Good diet plans are a vital means of treating any skin condition. The reason for this is that foods rich in high antioxidant and fatty acid help the skin and the body to fight against dangerous free radicals and toxins.

Another benefit of an essential good diet is to ensure the body gets nutrients needed, to enable it to repair damage swiftly and effectively. Food such as whole grains, beans, peas & legumes, cold water fish, lean meats, and of course, fresh fruits and vegetables provide these benefits to the body and skin.


3. Daily & Regular Supplements:

Healthy skin requires a large number of different nutrients to stay flexible and be able to repair stretch mark scars effectively. Many of the vitamins such as A, C, and E can be achieved from proper dietary nutrition, but some others like mineral zinc and vitamin K can be hard to get enough. For that reason, taking a daily supplement with a full complement of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is highly recommended.

Most people don't get the right vitamins they need from their diets due to fast foods and junk foods being the norm in our society. That said, don't assume you've been getting the right vitamins and minerals. It’s important to get yourself on a daily supplement as soon as you can.

4. Staying Hydrated:

Healthy skin needs proper hydration to remain flexible and elastic. Drinking lots of water every day is very vital to health and the body. You may be wondering how does water help eradicate stretch marks; what we don’t realize is that dehydration causes the body to become dry and eventually leads to stretch marks.

Surprisingly, many of us do not get enough water daily. Studies have shown that 8-10 glasses of water are quite sufficient to keep us going and less vulnerable to stretch marks.

5.Light to Moderate Exercise With Sufficiently of Stretching

To reduce scar tissue in stretch marks and improve the circulation of an essential nutrient to the skin requires engaging in light stretching exercises. Exercise helps to firm and tone muscles as well as burning off unwanted weight. All this helps to reduce the appearance of these ugly scars from the legs and body.

stretch mark removal exercises

6. Leg Massages:

Massage can help to lessen and remove stretch marks in varied ways. Leg massaging action increases blood flow in the area which means beneficial nutrients can reach the skin. The pressure exerted through massage on the leg can also help by breaking up scar tissue and eventually removing them.

7.Regular Skin Exfoliation Treatments

Exfoliation works well anywhere on the body but can be particularly effective at removing stretch marks on thighs and legs. The thighs have a thick covering of the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin as well as a subcutaneous fat layer that is deeper than on most parts of the body. That allows for more vigorous exfoliation techniques that would be wise on other areas of skin.

Exfoliating twice a day using an effective cleanser and an abrasive applicator can remove a thin layer of dead skin cells and scar tissue that will, over time, significantly reduce stretch mark visibility. Applying a natural moisturizing cream after exfoliation is a good, and highly recommended idea.

7. Natural Oils, Creams, & Gels:

Many stretch mark creams and lotions are available that have been attested to be efficient, safe, effective and inexpensive to get rid of stretch marks anywhere on the body. Removing streaks or scars on the leg with top stretch marks cream for legs is very important and reliable.

Stretch marks creams are the best means to achieve holistic methods of moisturizing the skin for better elasticity and flexibility. Also, this anti-stretch mark creams helps to exfoliate scar tissue and with the use of collagen ingredients in the formula which helps rejuvenate the skin as well. Still wondering where to find reliable stretch mark removal cream for your legs, if you want a best stretch mark cream for legs click here.

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