most important causes of stretch marks on the buttocks

most important causes of stretch marks on the buttocks

Have you always wanted to hit the beach putting on a sexy bikini but can’t because of the embarrassing stretch marks on your butt, well not to worry because you’re not the only one in this situation.

Wearing skimpy clothes used to be so much fun, when you went for a swim and most especially when it is Summer, and you can’t wait to show off your Summer body in your sexy bikini. But all the fun has been taken away by the formation of these tiny and big straight lines, running across the butt.

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There are times when these lines are so engorged and colorful, that you just can’t hide them when you are dressed in a bikini or swimsuit. They are there for everyone to catch a glimpse of.
And there are times you find stretch marks on the butt, looking pale and whitish, a deep contrast to the color of the skin, making it easy for people to see them in a bikini.
Stretch marks also medically known as striae are not physically dangerous but can cause problems with self-image and anxiety.
Stretch marks on the butt can be embarrassing and not easy to hide. Knowing what causes stretch marks on the butt and the effective treatments to use is very important.

stretch marks on butt

The presence of these lines on the butts has caused lots of stir, as so many people don’t know why they have in the first place, not to mention how to find the cure to it. Before you freak out, these butt stretch marks are quite harmless to your body, save for the damage to your feminity and self-esteem.

Do not worry about finding stretch marks on your butt, it is a regular occurrence as rightly stated above. The question that may come to your mind right now is what causes stretch marks on my butts. Generally, stretch marks on the buttocks come about through the following means.

Why Do You Have Stretch Marks On Your Butt?

Weight Gain

This is the most significant cause why people have stretch marks, especially on the butt. It is because their body is undergoing some changes, such as weight gain. These changes will bring about an expansion of the skin on the butts, which will bring about these marks known as.

stretch marks on butt


Another cause you have stretch marks on butt, especially as a teenager approaching adolescence, is because some critical but necessary changes are happening in your body.

For instance, some key parts of your body such as your buttocks increase in size when you arrive at puberty. This increase will cause the skin of the buttocks to be stretched and makes it lose its elasticity, which will then cause stretch marks on the butt.

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Muscles Enlargement

Keeping fit is not a guarantee that you won’t have stretch marks on your butts or any part of your body for that matter. In fact, engaging in exercises that can enlarge the muscles such as squats or bridges, is one sure way to have stretch marks faster.

Because of the effects of these exercises on the gluteal muscles, the skin tries so hard to meet up with the growth in the butts; hence it loses its firmness and elasticity, to bring about stretch marks on the butt.

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Having another human in your body makes your body grow, stretch, and lose firmness. This is why you see so many pregnant women with stretch marks on their abdomen, and on their butts as well. In this way, lots of women are looking for ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

stretch marks on butt

The key reason for stretch marks on the butt, is as a result of the rapid growth and stretching of your butts, through any of the ways mentioned above, which includes pregnancy and puberty.

In the future whenever you see stretch marks on your butt, don’t fret, or get moody and shy, there are some ways to learn how to get rid of stretch marks fast. The most effective one is StretcHeal, which is one of the best stretch marks creams you can find in the market to help in stretch mark removal.

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Three Effective Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on the Butt

Thanks to the scientific advancement in cosmetic technology, there are various treatments that have been put in place to treat your stretch marks. Below are the effective methods for treating stretch marks on buttocks.

1. Platelet-rich plasma

This treatment is considered one of the most effective methods for getting rid of stretch marks. It involves taking platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s blood immediately before the procedure and injecting it into the affected area; this helps to rebuild collagen and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. The study shows that the combination of PRP with ultrasound may be an effective treatment for reducing stretch marks.

2. Laser therapy

Although this method is recent, it happens to be effective in the treatment of stretch marks. The use of a pulsed dye laser is used to remodel the affected area, thereby allowing new elastin and collagen growth. This method can be used for both early and old stretch marks, even though it works well on new stretch marks. The procedure doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes, but you might have to go through at least 20 treatments before you start seeing a visible change.

    3. Stretch mark cream

      While these treatments are accessible, they are not 100 percent effective, and they can be very expensive as they might require multiple procedures before you start seeing the results. On another note, there are stretch mark creams that are affordable and give the best results within days of applying them to the affected areas.

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      Of course, not all stretch mark cream is safe to use; there’s a particular one with good reviews that treats your stretch mark effectively. It gives your skin a smooth and even skin tone, and it consists of 11 unique ingredients that work perfectly to reduce the appearance of the streaks as well as prevent the occurrence of future marks, Perfect right?

      is the safest stretch mark cream for your stretch marks on the buttock, not only that, it is the best stretch mark cream to prevent stretch marks in the first place. This means that StretcHeal will not only rid your stretch marks on your buttocks; you can also use it to stop these marks from forming on your body. Click here for more information on Strecheal and to read Stretcheal Reviews.

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