7 Things You Need to Know about Stretch Marks

7 Things You Need to Know about Stretch Marks

Every woman aims to have a beautiful, smooth and even skin but the development of stretch marks on the skin has caused a lot of women not to be proud of their skin or even flaunt it as much as they would love too. Although they do cause any harm to the body or stop the body’s ability to function normally and repair it, however, they are a cosmetic nuisance.
Below are the important things to know about your stretch marks as it can help you to take the appropriate steps to prevent its occurrence or getting rid of them. Stretcheal Reviews

Things You Need to Know about Stretch Marks

1.There are two types of stretch marks

Stretch marks can be grouped into two categories mainly the white and red stretch marks. The white stretch mark which is also medically known as striae alba are marks that have been on the body for a long time while the red stretch mark also medically known as striae distensae are the recent ones. It is easier to treat the red stretch marks than the white one, and it’s the red stretch marks that develop into the white stretch marks.

Different Types of Stretch Marks and Definitive Cure

2.Your diet plays an important role in preventing stretch marks

It is important always to keep the skin hydrated as it helps to maintain the skin elasticity and prevents the formation of stretch marks. It is highly recommended to drink 8 to 10 cups of water every day. Also, eating food rich in vitamins A, C, D, and E as well as eating food rich in omega-3, protein and zinc can help prevent the future occurrence of stretch marks.

Your diet plays an important role in preventing stretch marks

3.Proper exercise

One of the factors that cause stretch marks especially in men is weight lifting and bodybuilding. Excessive exercise can cause stretch marks to develop; it is advisable to exercise moderately.

4.Up to 90 percent of pregnant women develop stretch marks

The study shows that 50 to 90 percent of pregnant women will develop stretch marks and this is because of the hormones released during pregnancy which makes the skin fibers soft and the huge amount of stretching the skin has to go through and lack of elasticity during pregnancy. Stretch marks often start developing towards the last trimester.


Stretch Marks Removal

How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy 2020

5. Weight loss does not make your stretch mark go away

Stretch marks are scars on the body and losing weight will not just make them go away. Stretch marks forms in the middle layer of the skin also medically known as the dermis. So it requires proper and effective treatment of stretch marks tp make them fade off.

6.Medical conditions can cause stretch marks

Some illnesses can cause stretch marks such as; the Marfan syndrome which is as a result, defective genes that weaken the skin and makes it vulnerable to stretching and the Cushing syndrome which causes too many hormones to be produced thereby making the skin weak.

7.Stretch marks treatment

There is lots of stretch mark treatment available in this modern age thanks to the scientific advancement in cosmetic surgery such as; laser therapy, cosmetic surgery also known as the tummy tuck, chemical peels, micro needling, stretch mark cream, oil, gel and so on. However, not all these treatments are 100 percent effective or even safe for the skin.
However, there is a stretch mark removal cream that contains amazing unique ingredients that helps fades the appearance of stretch marks as well as preventing the occurrence of new ones without irritating the skin. Visit here to check the best stretch mark cream reviews. Also click here to order StretcHeal.

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