Do Stretch Marks Go Away?

Do Stretch Marks Go Away?

During certain critical times in our life (usually puberty and pregnancy), hormones and rapid growth surprise us with some unpleasant side effects.

Although it is great to have a child, and pleasing to grow from a child into an adult, some unattractive marks can ruin our skin. People everywhere with stretch marks wonder "do stretch marks go away?"

Do Stretch Marks Go Away

Sure, our doctors and friends tell us that we can get rid of stretch marks completely and stretch mark removal is nothing to be worried about, but the truth is that they will never go away completely. Well, not on their own anyway. Luckily, they can be erased with a little know-how and a short time.

When they first appear, they will most likely be a dark red or purple color. This usually comes as a huge surprise and stands out from most people's skin. Then comes the onslaught of lotions and stretch mark creams, which don't work for about 99.999% of people who use them. see more in Stretcheal Reviews


After a while, these dark colored lines fade into silvery lines that appear slightly shiny and depressed. When this happens, the stretch marks are permanently embedded in the layers of your skin.

Teenage girls, mothers to be, and even bodybuilders slather on oils, butter, lotions and stretch mark removal creams, hoping that it will make these marks disappear or even stop them from forming. Sometimes the extra moisture can make the stretch marks slightly smoother and appear to be healing, but most of the time these lotions do nothing.

When these miracle lotions don't deliver on their promise, most try again with the next stretch mark lotion, and just like before, they get disappointed over and over again. After a while you start wondering "do stretch marks ever go away," and you bitterly think "I'm stuck with these ugly scars forever."


The truth is that stretch marks can go away, but not in the traditional stretch mark removal way. We need to do more than moisturize the skin and rub a little bit of collagen into it. We need to safely remove the layers that were damaged because the truth is that stretch marks that have faded into silvery lines are 100% permanent. We cannot get rid of stretch marks with a simple lotion.

Thus, now you know better than to fall for those miracle lotions that rarely work. You can now understand that lotions for stretch marks will never repair the permanent damage done to your skin layers when the stretch marks first occurred.

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If you want to remove the damaged skin layers that the stretch marks are located on, you need a plan that has been proven to work safely and effectively. You can either talk to your dermatologist about how to do it.

There are many remedies to get rid of stretch marks, but removing stretch marks is a slow and steady process. However, if they bother you, then that process should be worth the time and effort. Furthermore, if you still wish to use a stretch mark cream, ensure you buy the best stretch mark removal cream on the market. Read some of the top stretch mark removal cream reviews and look out for active ingredients like Glycerin and Pantolactone, Panthenol, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-5, and Sodium Hyaluronic Acid.

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