Stretch Marks and Puberty (Teenage Stretch Marks)

Stretch Marks and Puberty (Teenage Stretch Marks)

Puberty is a very sensitive stage for every child and one that most parents dread. From physical changes to the insecurity of a soon-to-be adult to the desire to want to belong to a cause you understand, you do not need Stretch Mark Cream to add to your confusion of this new transition. Teenage stretch marks is one of the most important issues that has involved adolescents. Thus, most of teenagers with stretch marks are always looking for learning how to get rid of teenage stretch marks fast.

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In this article, we will answer all these questions:

  • Why do you have stretch marks?
  • Can stretch marks fade completely?
  • How to get rid of teenage stretch marks?

Why Do You Have Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks cream are scar tissues, but they are neither diseases nor contagious. As a teenager, you have stretch marks because your body is changing to accommodate your transition into young adulthood. As the name implies, teenage stretch marks occur when your body suddenly stretches from that of a child to that of an adult.

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The skin is stretched beyond its limits and so, the elastin and collagen fibers that help to hold the dermis together and ensure that the skin grows and stretches normally start to break down. Therefore, your skin stops to respond to the rapid changes and then tears thus become scarred.

Stretch Marks on Buttocks Teenager

Depending on your complexion, during stretching, your teenage stretch marks can be red, purple, or pink before they mature into white linear marks. Stretch marks appear on the thighs, arms, hips, buttocks and sometimes the upper part of the breast. Some of the marks are less noticeable than others, depending on the growth of each part of the body.

Therefore, you shouldn't panic that you are sick or going through a life-altering disease; it is simply your body's way of telling you that you're outgrowing childhood and becoming an adult. With time, your body will snap back because your elastin and collagen would have adjusted to a more gradual recovery and growth.

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Can Stretch Marks Fade Completely?

While it is not a life-threatening situation, the presence of stretch marks can be embarrassing and as such create a self-esteem problem for people, most especially teenagers and young adults. Therefore, many are ashamed, so they avoid clothes that will expose their stretch marks. For example, in summer, you're supposed to wear short and light clothes, but because of your marks, you wear long clothes regardless of the weather.

However, the fact is that almost everyone has stretch marks, the difference is that some have them in places that are not obvious, while that of others may have blended with their skin. Hiding your stretch marks under clothes in the hot weather will only breed heat rashes and possibly irritate your stretch marks.

stretch marks on back

Teenage Stretch Marks on Back

How to get rid of teenage stretch marks on back? Although stretch marks are permanent scars, you can reduce stretch marks appearance until they are barely noticeable. For this, dermatologists offer certain skin treatments to help reduce stretch marks on back.

One of that treatment is microdermabrasion which involved the use of a spray head to flood the skin with baking soda, tiny salt crystals, or aluminum particles to abrade the skin surface (exfoliate) and temporarily smoothen the rough skin surrounding the stretch marks on back.

Another way you can reduce stretch marks on back is by making use of creams that contain natural moisturizing ingredients cocoa, jojoba, shea butter, avocado oil as well as hyarolunic acid which is a mimic of the natural hyarolunic acid in your body. All these ingredients will keep your skin properly hydrated and increase the elasticity your body needs to avoid stretch marks on back.

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Stretch Marks on Thighs Teenager

StretcHeal is a ground breaking stretch mark cream invention incorporated with the best active ingredients to do what other anti-stretch marks cream have failed to do- fade and prevent stretch marks. you can read StretcHeal Reviews.

It contains Hyaluronic acid(to aid hydration) essential oils and butter (fatty acids to improve elasticity), Vitamin C (to prevent damaging oxidation) and Vitamin E and other minerals(to soften and heal the skin) and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 (increases collagen production and helps to fade stretch marks scars.

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Generally, All these ingredients work together to reduce the appearance of teenage stretch marks and also prevent further marks that may be caused by body expansions.Click  here to buy your miracle tube of the best stretch marks remover.

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