Different Types of Stretch Marks and Definitive Cure

Different Types of Stretch Marks and Definitive Cure

Different Types of Stretch Marks

stretch marks (Striae distensae) are those straight marks that form on the body when our body stretches. These bodily stretches occur as a result of the quick changes in the body. These changes occur due to the expansion that happens on the skin, which can be either as a result of weight gain or pregnancy. Stretcheal Reviews

Although stretch marks are not harmful to the body, so many people find it uncomfortable to have them on their body. This discomfort comes as a result of how the marks appear on the body; the truth is stretch marks make the body looks not too good.

Stretch marks form on different parts of the body such as the buttocks, abdomen, back, breasts, arms, and thighs, most especially on body parts with an excess amount of fats.

And there are different types of stretch marks you find on people’s bodies. Categorizing stretch marks come in two different places: there are stretch marks based on color and stages, and there are stretch marks based on actual types.

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Types Based On Stages

Striae Rubrae Stage

There are two significant stages of stretch marks on the skin. The first stage is the stage where it just starts forming on the skin. This stage is known as the Striae Rubrae stage. This Striae Rubrae stage is the early stage of the marks.

At this stage, the marks are thin looking, reddish, pinkish, or purplish. The marks at this point are less than a year old, they are very itchy and swollen, and they are still very easy to get rid of if noticed on time.

Striae Albae Stage

The second stage of stretch marks is called the Striae Albae stage. At this stage, the marks would have undergone lots of changes such as the inflammation and remodeling of the major structural protein in the body.

These changes would have made the marks mature, changing their colors from the deep reddish/purplish/pinkish shades, to a pale whitish or silverish light color.  

The second categorization is based on the causes of the stretch marks.


Striae Atrophicae

The weakening of elastic tissues causes these type of stretch marks, and it is found on people who are pregnant, undergoing puberty, who are fat, and those suffering from Cushing’s syndrome.

Striae Gravidarum

 These are stretch marks that form as a result of the enlargement of the uterus, in conduction with the increase in body size that happens during pregnancies. They first appear on the abdomen, very close to the pelvic region, before spreading to other parts of the bodies such as the thighs and breasts.


Striae Nigrae

These are darker looking stretch marks, mostly colored black or dark grey. These marks are caused by pregnancy too like the Striae Gravidarum, but the difference is that, they are predominantly dark, and found mostly on dark complexioned women.

 No matter their types and colors, stretch marks are no one’s friends. Everyone who has them on their bodies is always looking for ways to get rid of it. And one sure way to get rid of them, and also prevent them from occurring and reoccurring, is through the use of the best stretch mark cream, which is StretcHeal stretch mark cream.

This best stretch mark removal cream is capable of preventing and treating stretch marks.With cautious, continuous, and religious usage, StretcHeal can fade the marks, and also moisturize your skin to prevent new marks from recurring. To order yours click here.


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